Playing with Cubiquity, and Unity

Playing with Cubiquity, and Unity. Multiple clients are synced up via lockstep server and running a simple sphere spawning scene with a cubiquity voxel terrain. Used teamviewer to record remote session since I don’t have any decent video capture software available. Weird jogs in the video didn’t show up till I viewed the video, probably need to use a beefier machine next time or maybe find a better solution to record my Windows desktop.  Simulation holds up pretty well but eventually breaks down due to non-deterministic nature of Unity’s 3D engine. I might circle back at some point and try some of the tips mentioned @

Assets used:

Cubiquity for Unity (Voxel Engine) –!/content/12689 –

lockstep-1 lockstep-2 lockstep-4 lockstep-5 lockstep-6 lockstep-7

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