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Playing with Cubiquity, lockstep.io and Unity

Playing with Cubiquity, lockstep.io and Unity. Multiple clients are synced up via lockstep server and running a simple sphere spawning scene with a cubiquity voxel terrain. Used teamviewer to record remote session since I don’t have any decent video capture software available. Weird jogs in the video didn’t show up till I viewed the video, probably need to use a beefier machine next time or maybe find a better solution to record my Windows desktop.  Simulation holds up pretty well but eventually breaks down due to non-deterministic nature of Unity’s 3D engine. I might circle back at some point and try some of the tips mentioned @ http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/46724/deterministic-physics-same-platform.html

Assets used:

Cubiquity for Unity (Voxel Engine) – https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/12689

Lockstep.io – https://github.com/InkhornGames/lockstep.io

lockstep-1 lockstep-2 lockstep-4 lockstep-5 lockstep-6 lockstep-7

Unity 5 Mobile Lighting Optimization

Since what we know so far about coding Hololens in Unity might involve light sources, I threw together a little demo project to try to show off all the different lighting features in Unity.

To create the scene I:

I put the camera on autorotate, hit play, and I quickly had a neat little really showed off what the lighting system could do.

Then I tried it on my low end Android tablet.  Ugh.

lighting-demo-27 lighting-demo-28 lighting-demo-29

( Pretty much the same deal on the galaxy s3 and Nexus 7 too )

Started to play around more with the settings to see if I can optimize the mobile experience.  I dunno if everyone has this issue or it is something peculiar to my machine, it is a pretty beefy I7 desktop but for whatever reason complicated light map bakes with final gather kills it.  It hard locked at one point requiring a hard boot.  Even if it doesn’t lock up completely, not being able to use the machine and have the desktop be so unresponsive for upwards of an hour is kinda lame.

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